Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No ANWR for War!

Once again Senate Democrats are attempting to throw themselves under the steamroller in a wrong-headed cause. Someone should do a gene-scan on these guys to see if they have either Dodo or Lemming genes in their make-up.

Out of one side of their mouths they talk about how over-dependant the United States is on foreign oil and that the country needs to pursue alternative energy sources. Out of the other side of their mouth they oppose drilling in 2,000 acres of ANWR for fear of disturbing polar bears and Robert Kennedy Jr opposes the construction of windmills on Martha's Vineyard because it would destroy the view.

Typical Democrats, trying to have their cake and eat it while scaring average Americans and cuddling up with their environmental cohorts.

As for the crocodile tears over attaching the drilling amendment to a defense authorization bill. Dear Sen. Reid, cry me a river. It is a not so dirty secret when there is important legislation being pushed forward like disaster relief, members of both parties act like it is Christmas time and attach pet projects to such a bill. These opportunists know the bill will be passed even with many little amendments because to vote it down would be political suicide. So Sen. Reid and Sen. Durban can try to filibuster but all it takes is some more video clips of white flag Democrats with a voice over saying Sen. Reid and Sen. Durban think supporting the troops is not important.

So go ahead Senate Democrats, prove once again how out of touch you are with reality. Just remember in 2006 you maybe unemployed and the Republicans just may enjoy having 60 seats in the Senate, rendering Sen. Jeffers ever more impotent.

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