Saturday, December 17, 2005

Iranian Assasination Attempt

Well I guess it is unanimous, no one likes Iran's crack-brain president.

“At 6:50 pm on Thursday, the lead car in the presidential motorcade confronted armed bandits and trouble-makers on the Zabol-Saravan highway”, the semi-official Jomhouri Islami reported on Saturday. “In the ensuing armed clash, the driver of the vehicle, who was an indigenous member of the security services, and one of the president’s bodyguards died, while another bodyguard was wounded”, the newspaper, which was founded by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wrote.

The article also notes this area of Iran is very restive and wants to break away. So to make leaps like some over on LGF are is akin to trying to mind read the anti-semitc nutjob who denies the Holocaust[Shoah] happened. To look for other players is to borrow trouble.

Though it may make good politics to advise certain others in the region how Iran lobbing nuclear armed missiles at Israel is very bad. Like the Palestinian Authority, Hizbullah, Hamas, and the other thug-killers; explain to them how can they have a 'right to return' if the land they want is now radioactive. Or ask the religious people how would they feel if a Persian nuclear missile obliterated the Dome of the Rock?

The problem with the European and UN approach to dis-arming Iran of its nuclear security blanket is very simple. These people think there is nothing worse than war. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad knows this so could care less what they say or do. And Putin selling the Iranians arms just reinforces this impression that the Europeans are weak. In fact there are several things worse than war: nuclear annihilation and genocide. And Iran is poised to do such to Israel.

Now that the Iraqis have gone and voted. With Iraqi forces standing up and taking the battle to insurgents in the Sunni Triangle. One has to wonder what the Iraqis and their Coalition allies would do if nuclear missiles from Iran headed to Israel? Would they flash back to the eight years they fought with Iran and realize once Israel is nuked they could be next? Could be. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could find out the nuclear djinn that he thought would preserve his country in fact could be the djinn that destroys his country. And unfortnately too many innocent people would be killed; all because of madmen, again.


Van Helsing said...

When you think about it, there are about 6 billion people with good reason to want Ahmadinejad dead. A nuclear nutcase is in no one's best interest.

Myrtus said...

Well I for one would like to slap the crap out of him at the very least.

Anna said...

Lets vote him off the planet, maybe talk Iran into paying for his one-way ticket aboard a Soyuz so Iran can claim its first Earth orbiting sattelite.

Myrtus said...

hah! I like that idea. (:
I've never heard of a Soyuz before.

Anna said...

Czarina Najia, Soyuz is this wonderful Russian space capsule that has been used since the late 1960s that seats three. So far only four fatalities.