Saturday, November 26, 2005

Stupid movie alert

SciFi Channel has an original movie called Manticore showing right now.

Lots and lots of problems. Full size M-16s that fire either semi-auto or full auto. And what is it with those tiny 10 round magazines? K-pots that lack NVG mounts, but do have this black square where the mount should be. DCUs are not of an official pattern. And why are they riding around in a Soviet era BTR-80?

Why even comment on some crazy Iraqi's who steal an amulet from a museum and then meeting with a mad priest of an ancient cult to resurrect a mythological creature called a manticore. And now some American soldiers, sent to retrieve a wayward reporter, are the only thing standing between the world and the manticore eating the world. Which is the whole plot.

And I just noticed the US flag on their right shoulders is wrong, the stars should be on the leading edge so the US flag is always advancing. DOH! And nevermind the really bad RT chatter. Sheesh.

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