Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Raising the ante

While a Nobel Peace Prize winner at the IAEA lauds Iran during its quest for a nuclear attack capability, someone in the region is making sure Iran will suffer greatly if such an attack happens.

Merkel's new government in Berlin is going ahead with a program started by Gerhard Schroeder to sell to Israel two more Dolfin class diesel-electric submarines. Israel already operates three such submarines. Rumours abound that the new submarines are being equipped to carry nuclear weapons. Thankfully no one is saying anything concrete on the matter.

Lets keep the mad mullahs in Tehran worried that someone else besides the Great Satan can turn them into radioactive dust after Iran pops a nuclear missle at Tel Aviv. Actually it might be a four way nuking if Iran does. Putin for being betrayed by the Iranians. Isreal for revenge. The United States to support Israel. The British to send their own message along with the Americans. This is why nuclear war is stupid when you[Iran] has a .22 pistol while everyone else has 105mm howitzers. Lets hope those crazy mullahs in Tehran learn it is better to say one has the nuke than to use it or better yet just don't build the blasted things and instead give the money back to the people.

Haartz Online
Arutz Sheva


Anonymous said...

Yea, but think of how many martyrs for Allah there will be, the old virgin machine will have to be working 24/7 just to fill the need. Really, these third worlders haven't really grasped the concept of MAD, but when you place so little value on life, what else is there?


Anna said...

To be truly MAD and cut down on suicide bombers looking for paradise, all the US needs to do is drop leaflets of the female Jordanian bomber with bomb-belt and explain to the jihadis this is what their 72 houris will look like for eternity.

RightWingRocker said...

Like I have said before ...

We should gather all of the terrorists and put them in a giant pit and let them all blow themselves up.


Anonymous said...

"this is what their 72 houris will look like for eternity"

Anna, you are truly cold. After all, under all of those explosives, there could be a beautiful body, just don't make her mad. But having sex with her could be a bang.

Sorry, I couldn't help it


Anna said...

AndyJ dear, to be truly cold we could use Cindy Sheehan's photo as an example of the houris of Paradise. wait a minute.. 'Houris of Paradise' along the lines of Aristophenes' play in which the women try to deny their men sex in order to promote world peace... hhmmmm paradise go boom?

RWR, how about dropping them off in the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia?

Anonymous said...

Anna, if you used the Madonna of the Ditch's picture as a recruiting poster for martyrs, the whole blow-yourself-up for the virgins would be a dying cause. Or else we coould use those pictures from the "BREASTS NOT BOMBS" marches, that would put a damper on all such activities.