Monday, November 21, 2005

Seeing if an audience is awake

To counteract the previous venemous post, I will try to tell a humourous story.

As the story goes at an Air Force base, base safety NCO had to get up and give some holiday safety briefings. It being Thanksgiving with Christmas and New Years to follow. There were the required videos telling about the dangers of drinking and driving. And even a PowerPoint presentation.

It was during the PowerPoint presentation where the speaker started talking about how to run responsible safe holiday parties. He gets to a slide that includes the words 'Put pets outside or in bedroom.' So he starts talking about doing such and he ends it with the following statement.

"You don't want cat balls in your dressing."

From my sources the briefer paused at this point, as suppressed laughs skittered about the room amidst the mixed gender audience, before going on with a belated almost let me save myself "Now that I know you are awake." And he finished the briefing with no more incidents.

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