Monday, November 21, 2005

Liberal Damage Control

Even as they wrangled over Rep. Hunter’s proposal for immediate American pull-out from Iraq, the Democratic Party in the House was already trying to spin this resolution as just a cheap political trick.

Oh really? Then may I finally call Sen. Harry Reid’s invoking that seldom used rule to close the doors of the Senate to the public a cheap political trick?

If Hunter’s resolution was a true cheap political trick then why did all you House Democrats vote Yea on it? Answer that question. It would be well in your purview as Representatives to simply not show and not vote if it was such. Or to show and vote Present like six Democrats did.

Oh wait, you still are remembering Gingrich and Clinton’s shutdown of government a few years ago and did not want to appear obstructionist in a time where American forces are engaged in combat. Is that the truth? Is it all about image and the hope your voters will be fooled by your false actions?

If so, how base thou motives are. And how truly incoherent thy thoughts are. Ever hopping from one spot of relative safety to another without ever once taking a true stand for anything except saving thine own hide. Thy very sight sickens me no end; that whilst brave men and women die to protect this great country, thy sleek loathsome selves preen in front of warped mirrors thinking how wonderful thou truly art. Begone from my sight knaves.

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