Sunday, November 06, 2005

Babylon to Baghdad

History Channel just concluded a two hour special on everyone who has fought over the land between the Tigris and Euphrates, up to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Just a few quibbles. When under British occupation via League mandate, they skip from Iraq joining the League to the 1950s when Faisel II ascends to the throne. Which means they skipped over the WWII attempt by the Iraqis to wrest control of the country, with German help, from the British. Then after Saddam Hussein took control in 1979 they jump to 1990 and the invasion of Kuwait. Which means they skipped over Saddam's eight year attempt to take over Iran by force of arms that killed tens of thousands of people and saw the use of chemical weapons by Iraq and the use of children to clear minefields by Iran. And finally the narrator by just mentioning President Bush thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction of course leaves the impression that is the only reason the US and its coalition partners rolled into Iraq.

I would give this show a pass just for these interesting omissions.

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