Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wilma aims for Florida

Governor Jeb Bush was just on the TV explaining in English and Spanish what will be going on now that Hurricane Wilma has finished drowning the Yucatan Peninsula and is aiming for a south Florida landfall. Resources are being deployed while phased mandatory evacuations are being issued.

It looks like the prediction pundits are right with this landfall and I was wrong. That almost ninety degree right turn seemed impossible. Wilma has done it though and it has picked up speed. In this case, speed is good news since Wilma wont have as much time to regain strength that it lost lumbering over the Yucatan killing people and damaging much property.

As for history making Tropical Storm Alpha. The mountains of Hispanola have knocked it back down to a depression. Will it regain strength once free of the island? Maybe. What happens if Alpha and Wilma meet, the storm that is first in the warm waters will weaken or kill the other storm because it will have roiled up the warm waters and brought up cooler water.

And remember, we still have more than a month to go in the official hurricane season. So stay tuned.

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