Sunday, October 23, 2005

Theo was not the only one

Hat tip: LGF.

The first posts I wrote on this blog were about the evil killing of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh. Back then I made the assertion it was not Theo who brought death upon himself, as some snidely suggested, but he was killed by people who were afraid that what they believed in was all wrong.

Well co-religionists of Theo's killer have proven that his killing was not an aberration. Though to be a bit cold, I would score this an auto-goal since one of the protesters died; but then I remember that some of these 'brave' people had stabbed a nun. Here is the result of a Coptic Christian Church's play that was about Muslims burning a church. Nevermind this has happened as recently as last year in Bosnia-Hercegovina where the ethnic battles continue apace.

Twenty policemen and sixty protestors were wounded, an interior ministry
spokesman told AFP. One wounded protestor, named as Mohammed Zakariya, later
succumbed to his injuries in hospital.


The Muslim protestors had earlier attacked the church and injured a passer-by, as they vented anger over the DVD release of a play produced by Saint Girgis two years ago they consider to be anti-Muslim.

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