Monday, October 10, 2005

Why am I not surprised

Seeking to solidify their belief in that they matter on the 60th anniversary, the UN put out a new Public Service Announcement.

The creators of this PSA? Harmony Gold. Who are they you ask? If you grew up in the 1980s in the United States it was hard to escape Harmony Gold's product on television. They took three different Japanese anime series, wrote a whole new script to tie it all together, and sold it as Robotech.

Scott to Ariel: "Ariel This world is still not safe for you."

Lets put it in perspective as Harmony Gold originally wrote it. Following on the heels of the Robotech Masters defeat at the hands of Earth's defenders, comes a new threat to a war ravaged Earth called the Invid. The Invid come from space, blast all of Earth's defenders, and even forces Admiral Hunter had sent back to help Earth. The Invid proceed to recreate Earth to their ideals with things called Genesis Pits while forcibly suppressing the restive humans. Scott is a survivor from Hunter's relief force who teams up with other resistance fighters, one of them being a young amnesiac whom Scott calls Marlene after his deceased girlfriend. Well Marlene is in fact an Invid spy named Ariel who got damaged in transit so she forgot who she really was. So even when it is revealed Marlene is Ariel and Invid, Scott's group still accepts her and she accepts them. When Admiral Hunter finally comes to rescue Earth from Invid occupation, the Invid Regis calls her children to follow her back into space. Ariel and another Invid spy Sera instead stay behind with their human loves, Scott and Lancer.

But it is amusing that Harmony Gold selects the third season as the setting for the PSA. Admiral Hunter has arrived and the Invid have fled. Leaving Scott and Ariel to help in the rebuilding. In Japan the third season was a completely different series called Genesis Climber Mospeada that had no links with Macross which was the first season of Robotech. And it is from the original Macross series that we get the link the United Nations is trying to clutch at since it was UN directed efforts that allowed Earth to build the weapon systems Earth needed to resist all of these extra-terrestrial invaders. Hence all the Veritech fighters sported on their fuselages the following: U.N. SPACEY. It would have made more sense to have Max and Miriya from Macross in this PSA since they to are human and alien in love, Earth and Zentradi, because then they could have shown something like their wedding ceremony and would have seen U.N. SPACEY all over the place. Or maybe someone decided showing the word 'spacey' next to U.N. might have been a bad idea.

I think it also the height of how irrelevant the United Nations has become that it must clutch at a fictional setting to show their relevance on the 60th anniversary of Dunbar Oaks. To sell thmselves as it were. But it is a setting that is 180 degrees from the current United Nations, an organization that is depicted willing to act in defense instead of never-ending debate and strongly worded sanctions that we see.

Link: http://www.theshadowchronicles.com/info.php?id=un
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But the best part of all of this is the following: Scott never helped in the rebuilding. He shipped out to space at the end of Robotech, leaving Ariel waiting for him back on Earth. I am now tempted to rewrite 'Where have all the cowboys gone' to fit Robotech.

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