Friday, October 14, 2005

A thought on the Iraq vote

Right now the Iraqi people are casting ballots amidst power outages and violence to see if the draft constitution will pass and become the framework of a new government. Either they vote for it or vote it down, either way the will of the people will be known and that is a success to cherish.

People forget how contentious and dangerous it was when representatives met in secret to draft what became the U.S. Constitution. They were sealed in with windows shuttered and express instructions to not lose any documents. But they did produce a document to replace the fatally flawed Articles of Confederation that the thirteen colonies had limped under since the end of the American Revolution. England was also dragged into democracy to a small degree under adverse conditions, but the Magna Carta became a reality.

It has never been an easy process of liberating people from under governmental tyranny. Many people have lost their lives, family, and fortunes seeking such freedom or defending it. Creating a functioning government where the culture has always produced autocratic dictators and failed nation-states is a Herculean task that is not for the faint of heart or for those who think not getting that latte is a crisis worthy of calling Larry King about.

Lets all wish the Iraqi people the best and may they foil those evil men with nefarious schemes who wish nothing but ill towards the Iraqi people and all other lovers of freedom.

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