Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A mind filled

Previous post leads into this one, which is based on recollections of some of the Red Cross volunteers of one of their fellow volunteers.

Personally I never had problems with this woman, though the intersection of our lives spanned but a couple of days and that haphazardly.

The story goes thusly. We have some volunteers from California, to whit the person I am talking about. Well she was relating to another volunteer of the time she got a flat tire and oh how she struggled to undo the lug-nuts so she could change the tire. The person listening asked if she called any roadside assistance to help her. The woman grew indignant and went off on how she could never call for help and that she could do it for herself without assistance. My friend looked blankly at this woman and stated that if she was in that situation, since she had road-side assistance, she would call and get them to fix her flat instead of struggling.

I never learned how this lady ever did fix that flat tire but I did learn on how she was going to never suffer that fate again. She said she would loosen the lug-nuts before taking this particular route. Many of us were aghast at the idea. A car running down a road with loose lug-nuts just because this woman would not subdue her pride and ask for help.

So one day I expect to hear, out of California, a story of a woman killing a whole family along with herself due to a wheel departing her car and striking a mini-van on the highway. And before they get to the woman's name, I will know who it was and know for a fact militant feminism had claimed more victims.

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