Saturday, September 17, 2005

I thought it was a movie.

Nicholas Cage is starring in an upcoming movie called Lord of War in which he plays a Russian arms dealer who can get any upstart nation any weapon it wants for a price.

Just to prove reality is far more strange and posibly dangerous than fiction, I present to you this little gem that I found on eBay:
F-16A Fighting Falcon for sale. The sellers actually say they have two from a foreign government along with spares for sale. Hopefuly BATF, US Customs, and the rest of the government alphabet fall on these jokers like a ton of C4.

Though if these sellers are legit and if I won a huge lottery like last night's MegaMillions jackpot of $250million, I think an F-16 would be a pretty cool ornament to grace the driveway.

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