Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hugo goes off his meds, again.

After President Hugo Chavez's energetic speech at the United Nations villifying the United States' actions in Iraq and elsewhere along with the idea of moving the UN from New York City to Jerusalem[ hey what a neat idea, move to a city that is targeted with carbombs weilded by those darlings of the UN - the oppressed Paleostinians], I did not think he could top it so quickly or is that dig any deeper. I guess since he did not pound a size 12 shoe on the desk like one of his heroes he felt duty bound to compensate with more verbal spewing.

So I present to you dear readers the following: President Chavez claims because the US Navy put some sailors ashore at Curacao for shore leave it is the prelude for a US invasion of his country. He even claims it has a name, Operation Balboa. And he vows a 100 year fight if the invasion happens. I have a few questions for President Chavez; if the US is plotting an invasion by staging troops on Curacao, then why isn't he demanding that Holland evict these Americans since Curacao is a Dutch territory? Has it slipped his mind who owns that island, much like he has let slip his mental marbles? Or maybe because there is no substance to these crazy claims? That he is merely preening in the international spotlight as someone who is daring to speak 'truth to power' by standing up to those big bad Yanquis?

After this latest eruption, I think Hugo Chavez has suprassed Qaddafi of Libya for title of 'National Leader who says the most Outrageously Crazy Things.' Qaddafi still has Hugo beat in the fashion sense though.


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