Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Netherlands Redux

Since the first post on this blog was about Theo van Gogh's murder by an Islamic nutcase I feel I must write about the fate of that nutcase. MB was convicted of Theo's brutal/barbaric death[being shot and then having your head almost sawed off is barbaric] and sentenced to life in prison. I am glad justice has been done in this case.

MB's conviction though does not mean the end of the threat in Holland. One has to worry about future attacks judging by MB's words in court where he justified his killing of Theo in the framework of Theo insulting MB's deity and hence must be killed while expressing no remorse, we must assume there are others out there who believe the same as MB. In fact we know there are others out there due to the deaths that happened after the false Newsweek article about Q'uran desecrations.

This is the result of viewing yourself as a victim. One gives up all control of one's destiny and blames others. It absolves the person of any responsibility for their failures since it is someone else's fault, that they would have succeeded except for nefarious intervention. So in turn the most brutal act becomes okay since it is never the perpetrator's fault. This is the mindset that must be stopped or there will be more similar attacks. How much longer must Islam be held hostage by immature people?

To quote Theo as he was being killed, "We can still talk things out." But every time something like London or the attack in Egypt happens, the chances of a successful mediation becomes less likely. It is up to the silent Muslims to speak out and stop the madness, just like Catholic and Protestant mothers did in Northern Ireland in an attempt to stop the violence there.

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