Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Can't teach an old dog new tricks

Jane Fonda, besotted by the spotlight once again after starring with J. Lo in Monster in Law, has decided to become a peace activist again.

Ms. Fonda it should be remembered, is most famous for two things: playing the ditzy space kitten Barbarella and posing with a North VietNamese anti-aircraft unit who's mission was to shoot down American aircraft. The woman on the left clapping is Jane.

So next year, with a keen eye for the 2006 US election cycle, Hanoi Jane is going coast to coast in a bus powered by vegetable oil to protest the American occupation of Iraq. Someone should tell Ms. Fonda she needs to look beyond US politics and do the tour now because October 15th is when the people of Iraq are scheduled to vote on a Constitution which will give greater impetus for Coalition draw-down on Coalition terms. So by the time Baghdad Jane is hitting her tambourine and encouraging Americans to tell their politicians to pull the troops out, the Coalition may already be doing it. Rendering what Ms. Fonda does irrelevant and very silly, just like her ideas.

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