Thursday, July 07, 2005

MP George Galloway

Once again Mr. Galloway finds new depths of lowness to explore after the London terrorist attack. So I felt like writing about my feelings on this person.

George Galloway,
how I loathe thee,
let me count the ways.

Apostle of Appeasement

Parlimentarian of Paralysis
Envoy of Extermination
Solicitor of Surrender
Tribune of Tyranny


The MaryHunter said...

Thanks for sharing some of your alliterative allusions on my blog!

Man, does this all have me fuming too. Time for the Right B'sphere to rise up yet again...

Anna said...

You are welcome TMH you write some pretty good stuff on yours. I could go on for days with the disrepectful MP Galloway. Like 'Barrister of barbarism.' But shall stop henceforth.

Gothamimage said...

Have you read Galloway's verse?j/k