Thursday, July 07, 2005


The regal lion still stood though bloodied.
Overhead flew still the Union Jack unbowed,
with the red blood of innocents now upon it.
Though wounded, the lion still roared while
his allies rallied to his aid.

From over the far western ocean there flew
a great and majestic bald eagle who’s sharp
gaze fixated upon the vermin who fled
in all haste from their vile schemes.

From the frozen north came rumbling
in all his awesome might a large bear
and the ground trembled with each step
while the hunger for justice gleamed in his eyes.

Across the Eurasian landmass there bounded
yet another creature, hopping to a jaunty
rendition of ‘Waltzing Matilda,’ came to stand
beside the wounded lion with a digger cap
upon its head raked at a belligerent angle.

There were other creatures, both great and small,
who gathered about the lion and stood at his shoulder.
And in that gathering all other anthems became quiet
as they all took up singing ‘Rule Britannia’ daring
the craven cowards to strike again.

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