Monday, May 23, 2005

Turnabout is fair play

Many in the mainstream news media still scream for Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to be charged with crimes over actions at a certain prison in Iraq because he in chain of command. In fact some would like President Bush charged also for the same reason.

I offer the mainsteam media a counter proposal. Lets let President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld be charged in the prison case if in return the administration can bring charges of treason and sedition against all those in editorial/management positions of Newsweek and Newsweek's parent company the Washington Post.

I present Exhibit A. Thank you LittleGreenFootballs and Fox News for running with this. My Exhibit B is the now thoroughly discredited flushing of a Koran story News week ran that caused people to die. I, for the life of me, am staggered; this goes beyond mere yellow journalism to willful acts designed to cause damage to the United States of America and its citizens. The people who put these stories together are not American citizens, even if some were born in America and others benefit indirectly from this country; for no native child with a shred of love for the ideals America was founded on could put forth or allow such deliberately hateful and inflammatory stories to be printed.

Yes, I am calling all these craven knaves who hide behind the protections and rights the United States enshrined in its Constitution while seeking to destroy those ideals what they truly are: traitors.

Luckily for these blood sucking parasites who revel in any misfortune the people of America suffer, the United States is not the Islamic world where it is considered right and justified to kill someone if they disrepect you. I earnestly hope and pray democracy flourishes in that city nestled between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers while it also blooms beyond the Khyber Pass. In fact I hope true liberal democracy flourishes once again in Europe and bureaucratic socialism is consigned to the history books where communism and feudalism now reside.


stefania said...

"Stephani, pretty sure a bunch of us Americans would be willing to help your emigration.

As for the story itself. The Muslim defending cowards are the ideological children of the Inquisition. Whereas they forced Galileo to recant his theories which were later proven true. Those attempting to persecute Fallaci are of the same ilk and are doomed to failure also, for empirical truth cares not for ideology.

Is there a Fallaci defense fund? Wonder if Italy will take Lira still? Or is it Euro only now?

I don't know if there is any. I wish Italy will take back Lira. But I fear it will not..

Van Helsing said...

There's one difference between blaming Bush and Rumsfeld for Abu Ghraib on one hand and blaming the execs at Newsweek for the treasonous slant of their magazine on the other: the Newsweek execs are actually guilty. It's not like anti-Americanism suddenly popped up overnight at Newsweek. It appears to be the corporate culture, similar to the Bush-bashing corporate culture at CBS News that led to Rathergate.

Anna said...

Stefania, first my apology on mis-spelling your name. Only have a few thousand Lira so doubt be that major a contribution. As you, I do not know if the Lira will come back, all depends upon how bad the EU Constitution 'no' votes rattle the bureacrats and emboldens the people.

Van Helsing I agree Newsweek are traitorous and like you the virulent hate everything America extends back a long time. I think Watergate started the process but now they are no longer reporters but instead they are deciding what is really news. That is completely wrong.