Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dazed and confused

Something that RightWingRocker mentioned in one of his posts caused me to think on this.

After barely four days, the detente brokered between seven Republican Senators and seven Democratic Senators was broken by the Democrats in their zealous opposition of Bolton for the United State's UN Ambassador spot.

I think the modern Democratic Party has truly mastered the Soviet style of diplomacy. Scream bloody murder whenever they are held accountable for their actions by accusing someone else of doing similar deeds. I think in the Bolton nomination it has reached its nadir or perhaps its aphelion depending upon which side of the fence one comes down on. One of the sticking points for the Democrats was Bolton treating harshly, to use their perjorative words, a female subordinate ten years ago. Nevermind one of Bolton's chief accusers did something far worse than treat a woman harshly, Sen. Ted Kennedy left a woman to drown while he swam away and tried to lie to save his political career. And yet it is Bolton who is being grilled without mercy. But Ted Kennedy has always been the Modred of the Kennedy Camelot who has a Teflon coating. Did anyone blink an eye when Ted Kennedy was one of the ones grilling Clarence Thomas for his 'harassment' of Anita Hill? Or recently lambasted Gonzalez over alleged American water torture of terrorist captives. Nope, no one in the mainstream media blinked an eye and thought it was the sheer height of hypocrisy so they failed to bring Ted's feet to the fire over his misdeeds.

And the Republicans I think are so used to being the minority party they are seemingly incapable of taking advantage of this opportunity. One has to wonder if Newt Gingrich's Contract with America still reverberates in their psyches, perhaps they are not sure if it was success or a failure. Hey Republicans I would call it a victory since the Democrats are the minority party at the moment and it probably helped shape American views on the media when Connie Chung ambushed Newt's mother on prime time. Plus I think for many Republicans it is anathema to the moral image of themselves to stoop to the same level tactic-wise as their pernicious Democratic opponents. Well except for the likes of those who still think we can reach 'peace in our times' with Reid and company.

Dear Sen. McCain, get those cajones back. You know, the ones you used to resist the North VietNamese Debate Team's tactics. Have courage and fight for what you believe in; unless the only think you believe in is power, then the citizens of your state have the duty to un-elect you. Same goes for others who compromise with the Democrats. To the Democrats infesting Congress, keeping power is all that matters so by compromising with them all you are doing is delaying the time you end up consumed by them. Stand and fight. Even if you lose, fight. Be proud successors of Patrick Henry and George Washington.


RightWingRocker said...

Interesting you got all that from a post on Viagra


Nice job, Anna!


Anna said...

Senators or old geezers, seem to be the same. The Senators are letting special interest groups think for them or just plain not thinking. And the geezers are thinking with a part of their anatomy, hence not thinking. The results are the same: chaos.

RightWingRocker said...

And both completely blind ... I like it!