Monday, April 11, 2005

Where angels fear to tread

GayPride 2005. Found this on RightNation.us.

Many many thoughts are bouncing through my mind on this. First this is a grave insult to Jerusalem. It is akin to Napolean riding his horse through a mosque when France took Egypt. Or the Allied obliteration of Monte Cassino in World War II. All of Jerusalem is holy.

Judaism considers Jerusalem holy because that is where G-d allowed the Temple to be built to house the Ark of the Covenant and where the Second Temple was built. Christians call it holy because of where the Messiah died. And Islam thinks of the place as holy since the Prophet[Blessed be his Name] visited there in his magical journey. And these people want to have a parade showing all the local inhabitants what it means to be homosexual, which all three faiths think of as immoral. I have a bad feeling about this.

There will be nutcases[does not the matter the religion] who will take active measures[to use the Left's own term for physical action] to protest this entire event. If this parade approaches the one remaining wall of the Second Temple all bets are off if any parade participant will make it out alive.

The organizers have to be aware of possible backlash. All I can wrap my mind around as answer is the following: they hate these faiths for daring to judge ther lifestyle as wrong, they want to deliberately provoke people of these faiths into doing something rash, and they hope to win this ideological conflict in the backlash caused by rash direct actions. Which leads to a chilling conclusion, the organizers do not care for those participating in the parade since to them casulties are acceptable if the cause is advanced. I have to ask those planning to attend, how does it feel to be possible cannon fodder to advance a cause? To be considered chips in a game of ideological poker?

Some will say, nothing like this happened in Rome so why should it in Jerusalem? The Rome event never went into the Vatican[which is a separate country located inside of Rome] so it did not tread on much holy/sacred ground. Unlike Jerusalem which is littered with holy/sacred sites to three main faiths along with some minor faiths.

To really reach for a silver lining if this parade goes through, for once all three faiths would have something else to target besides each other. Which is not a real cheerful thought.

Meggidio just maybe approaching and its address is Jerusalem.

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