Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bonnie Prince Charles, get a clue

How nice it is to finally marry the woman you were noodling while still married to Diana. If the old saying 'As the King goes, so does the country' holds true when you ascend to the throne, then the United Kingdom is doomed. Once you ascend to the throne, you are the head of the Anglican Church; and your unfaithfulness to Diana is a very large black mark that will taint however long your reign is. Considering your current age, it maybe a very brief reign before your son ascends.

The most troubling thing about Charles and Camilla's wedding was who was not there. Queen Elizabeth II was not present, uh Charles I would say the Queen is not pleased with you. Who knows perhaps right at this moment she is closeted with her solicitors busily scribbling you out of the sucession. I know some are saying oh no the Queen has blessed the event, but if she had then why was she missing from the big event? I would think she would want to be there as her son found happiness. Then again what do I know, am a Yank with pretensions and not a Royal watcher.

Or perhaps the fate of the French monarchs has receded too far into memory. Or the Kaiser and Czar. Seriously Charles, you operate like you do only at the sufferance of your future subjects. If you annoy them too much maybe they will do a reality show and vote the whole House of Windsor right off the island.

I just realized something, past two momentous events dealing with women and Prince Charles have always happened in conjunction with other momentous events. The death of Princess Diana in that auto accident happened the same day as Mother Theresa died. Now Prince Charles getting married to Camilla happens while the whole world watches Rome due to another death in the Catholic Church. If one believes in portents, I would worry.


Myrtus said...

haha very clever post Anna. (:
My guess is that Charles will never be king. If he survives (living with Camilla) long enough to see the day he would be king, I think he's just going to pass on the throne to his son. I think that would be the proper thing to do anyway.

Van Helsing said...

It never stops getting harder to take the British monarchy seriously. They really ought to just pack it in.