Saturday, April 30, 2005

Go milk the radio!

Now all of you are probably wondering where I got that crazy title from. So I will explain.

I remember in Viktor Belenko's book MiG Pilot how he talked about his idealistic days as a youth in the Soviet Union. He was one time amidst a bunch of adults, think when he joined DOSAAF. I forget all the details of the incident but naive Viktor spouts off a party line about how bountiful things were in the USSR in front of all these adults. One of the hard bitten ones then told Viktor to go milk the radio.

For a long time I could not understand the meaning of that, "Go milk the radio." But it eventually dawned on me what the meaning was. That man was trying to explain to Viktor that the only place where Viktor's pronouncement was true, was when it came from official news sources. Thus in truth it was not true.

Now when I hear someone extolling the wonders of Karl Marx's wet dream called communism, I just want to tell them to go milk the radio. In fact when I hear someone trying to sell something that bears no relation to reality I want to tell them to go milk the radio. Because that is all they are doing, is spinning out a lie and calling it fact while hoping the credulous people do not spot the lie.

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