Saturday, March 26, 2005

They only thought it was broke

Carter to be part of commission looking to reform the Electoral College.

This quote ought to scare anyone:
"I am concerned about the state of our electoral system and believe we need to improve it," Carter said in a statement. He said the group will assess "issues of inclusion" in federal voting and propose recommendations to improve the process.

We already have motor voter registration along with poll workers not looking at picture IDs. How more inclusive can we get? Unless talking King County, WA's method of vote tabulation in which they have more votes than voters.

Let's recap President Jimmy Carter's presidential legacy: 'feeling of malaise,' replacing the despotic monarch of Iran with a despotic Islamic regime, attack of the killer wabbit, Burt Lance, Billy Carter, Lillian Carter, 'I have lusted in my heart,' boycott the Olympics to show how tough he was in dealing with the USSR, America Held Hostage-444 days, Desert One death-derby, the Mariel boat-lift in which Fidel shipped all his real criminals north, canceling the B-1 bomber, double-digit inflation, recession, and gas lines.

Now why should listen to this complete loser? He has no credibility. He was the worst president in recent memory. I think he surpasses LBJ.


Anonymous said...

Aw, Hell, Anna, Billy was the best thing about that bunch. At least we got some bad beer.

Van Helsing said...

Jimmy Carter is both the worst president and the worst ex-president of my lifetime. But he does have some experience overseeing elections. True, things didn't go his way in Iraq, but he did a nice job of rubber-stamping Hugo Chavez's power grab in Venezuela.

Van Helsing