Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Poor writing and the stupidity it causes

Lets start with the first news article in which the writer is very careless: Man faces life for child pornography.
Whorley is the first person to be charged under a new child pornography law that can apply to cartoons.

The first article kicked off some, by now common delusional, bleatings of it being somehow President Bush's fault along with other wild speculation on AnimeNewsNetwork.

I commend the people at ANN for posting another article that corrects the screwup in the first article. Richmond man indicted.

It turns out Mr. Whorley, while still serving time and just days away from being released, lapsed. On a state of Virginia computer he downloaded twenty images of animated child pornography and violated his federal parole for a 1999 convinction on receiving child pornography. There was never any new pornography law he violated, hence my charge of poor writing.

He violated his parole so he deserves to be sent back to prison. Reading the posts on ANN it was sad to see how quickly the whole thing went off the rails into baseless speculation. I do applaud the few on there who tried to keep it on topic, this was a case of a man being incapable of controlling urges that have gotten him incarcerated in the past.

The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments. - Friedrich Nietzsche

P.S. Parents I hope by now you do know that not all Japanese anime is clean. Pay attentiom to what is bought, rented, or broadcasted. Nor is all Japanese manga clean. One time in a Borders had to show the staff a book on underground Japanese manga that did not need to be near Chobits. That book still gives me nightmares.

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