Thursday, March 17, 2005

Rachel Corrie and Dorian Gray

The following started out as a comment on http://www.moonbattery.com/ in regards to Rachel ‘St. Pancake’ Corrie’s parents suing Israel and Caterpillar over her death by bulldozer due to her stupidity. But as is evident, it grew into something else so decided to post it here.

Those who trespass onto Caterpillar's property to protest them selling bulldozers to Israel but do not protest when a Muslim killer blows up a pizza parlor full of children show their true selves to the world at large.

They care not for morality, in fact by justifying such atrocities they deny their claim to being part of humanity. They place ‘cause’ above such inconsequential things as right and wrong.

Rachel Corrie allowed herself to become a martyr for the cause, the destruction of Israel. She was stupid enough to think she could stop a bulldozer by standing there. I guess images of that man staring down that tank in Tienaman Square danced in her mind along with delusions of her being a hero for the cause. But the difference between the two were vital: the man stood where the driver's view blocks could see him while Rachel stood in the bulldozer's blind spot. So one lived while the other expired.

This is why any belief system that is arrogant enough to proclaim it can dictate by sheer willpower is doomed. Blinded by their overpowering conceit they can not admit something just might be more powerful than their will. Or beyond their control.

As the Soviet grain basket, proclaimed as Nikita banged his shoe on the table in the UN, proved to be an illusion that could only be propped up by destroying the Aral Sea amply proved the fallacy of Nikita’s boast.

And as things get worse the more desperate these types become to prove how right they are for their entire self-worth is based on this over-inflated image of themselves. This is the end game stage we are possibly approaching with regards to Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Osama’s followers; so hang on as things just may get worse as the Fascist world order’s façade crumbles amidst the Cedar Revolution and open defiance being seen in Iran. Now is not the time to loose one’s nerve, for to do so would mean all the previous effort and sacrifice would have been for naught.

As for Rachel's parents. I guess being photographed with Yassir Arafat was not enough reward so they are resorting to being grubby and greedy capitalists.

And like Dorian Gray's portrait showed the decay that never touched the living Dorian Gray, the image of Rachel that will forever stick in my mind is her hate filled face burning that homemade American flag showing how truly twisted and ugly her soul was.


Van Helsing said...

Check out this link forwarded by Felis at It's a Matter of Opinion: an entire site devoted to accusing Caterpillar of war crimes for making bulldozers. Meanwhile, those bombs keep going off in pizza parlors, without raising any objections from the Left.

Van Helsing

The MaryHunter said...

No objections from the left over pizza parlor homicide bombers, of course, because those are 'martyrs', indeed 'freedom fighters' pushing back on evil 'Zionism', which the left (and the UN) abhors.
Freedom. So many hateful and insidious movements have hijacked that once-proud term (communism, on-demand abortion, labor unions...). W, through the Bush Doctrine, is resurrecting it's true meaning.

Abe said...

Nice post.

There's a hidden level of irony in the words and actions of Corrie and her ilk. All their rhetoric about the evil of the Israelis, and yet their tactics rely completely on the goodness of the Isreali soldiers. If the Israelis were really what Corrie claims, then no one would be stupid enough to step in front of a bulldozer or throw rocks at soldiers.

The very fact that these kinds of tactics are adopted shows that they don't believe their own claims.

Anna said...

And yes I am still boggling that I got three, count them three, comments on one post! Must be moving up :) Thank you all.