Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Enviro Stupidity

Just caught on VH1 Classics the music video for Neil Young's song Be the Rain.
Some of the lyrics were about Alaska and saving the caribou. Or Greek ships dumping waste somewhere. Of course there was the dig at big oil and that the government is bought.

All the while got these female dancers in BDU shorts and skimpy BDU tops baring their naked mid-riffs while they gyrate. One of the dancers is prancing about with a red plastic toy bullhorn while the pre-recorded soundtrack blares out some of the protest lyrics when she holds the bullhorn to her mouth, including the song title Be the Rain.

Lets spot the hypocrisy. Got a dancer dressed up as a fire-fighter in plastic yellow rain slicker and red plastic hat. Another person is dressed up as a sea captain in a bright yellow rain slicker with some stout all-weather rubber boots. Then we got the afore mentioned plastic bullhorn. The BDUs are made from cotton and nylon[synthetic fabric].

What do all these items have in common? Well gee oil, that complex hydrocarbon, is used to make all of those items in some way.

Not to mention the electricity to run the lights, the sound system, and the cameras. All need oil in there to work.

Hey Neil, if you really believe we need to really protect the environment, why are you using all these oil consuming products? Go green why don't you?

Oh wait a minute, I bet he rationalizes his use of all this evil oil because he has to get his message out there. Nevermind that the all the oil consumed by this one music video production could have provided plenty of fuel to give some poor town lights for a month.

Got to love these limousine nature lovers, not.

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