Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Much ado about nothing

This is interesting. Tonight at midnight Eastern time US, the Kyoto Protocols are supposed to go into effect.

Back in 2001, President Bush nullified the US signature on that document that was put there by President Clinton citing the extreme economic hardship it would impose upon United States' industries.

Amusing thing about Kyoto, it allows clean industries to sell their unused carbon quotas to more dirty industries. Apparently last year Japan bought up 41% of the international market of such quotas. As long as this market is allowed to exist, I predict there will not be much hard effort in the industrialized countries that ratified Kyoto to actually clean up while encouraging the un-industrialized countries that signed to stay non-industrialized, unintended consequence the non-industrialized will stay at being Second or Third World countries while the First World ratifiers buy up their unused carbon quotas. Thus creating a permanemt gap between First World and the rest of the world.

And before anyone starts castigating the United States as being the bad guy, just remember over 1/3 of the world's population in two rapidly industrializing nations[People's Repulic of China and India] are exempt from meeting any greenhouse gas reduction goals while Russia, the European Union, Canada, Japan, and other countries are obligated via Kyoto Protocols to comply or face punitive measures. Talk about creating an unfair field of play. But that is how politically flawed Kyoto is.

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