Sunday, January 09, 2005

Useless and Noxious

That is what UN should stand for. Also predatory, perverse, moribund, amoral, corrupt, incompetent, shady, larcenous, and irrevelant.



Members of the UN in the Congo running around acting out scenes of debauchery that stagger the mind. And all a UN flunky worries about is if the the sex videos the UN staffers shot spread from the Congo to the rest of the world. Nevermind some of these videos include 12 year old girls in sex acts. Depict women being raped. In other words women being used as property.

This is not an aberration on the part of the UN. The UN peacekeepers in Bosnia also ran a prostitution ring. And in other UN monitored hot spots similar things happened.


The book mentioned Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures: A True Story from Hell on Earth in the ABC article can be found on Amazon's web-site. May end up getting a copy to go with Seasons in Hell: Understanding Bosnia's War.

Oil for Food scandal. Sex and prostitution scandals. Back in 2002, the most glaring example of the lack of remorse from a UN member occurred. Seems two unarmed UN observers, after radioing for a rescue, were killed and eaten by cannibals. The UN commander responsible told reporters he did not feel any guilt. Even though it took him a week to organise a relief mission after radio contact was lost. One of his excuses at that time was he had to ensure the hired Russian chopper pilots would be safe. When the mission did launch, they found both observers dead and partially eaten.

What is the mission of the UN again? For an organisation which has people squawking about its moral authority, in all these cases all the UN has shown is a complete lack of morals.

Time to rent out the United Nations building as low rent housing and tell the current occupants to move to Nairobi, Kenya.

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Anonymous said...

At least the U.N. did everyone a favor after the tsunami by limiting themselves to what they're good at: ankle-biting, demanding donations, and hogging credit that belongs to others. Fortunately for all concerned, they didn't provide any more of this kind of help.

Van Helsing