Saturday, January 08, 2005

The nuclear djinn

Friend asked me about the Indian nuclear reactor that was damaged by the tsunami. So I went looking for an update and found this article:


Seems like their reactors are pretty tough. They anticipated a six meter storm surge from a cyclone, but never thought about a tsunami. So the reactors and turbines survived but the town itself got hit by the tsunami and 30 people died.

What prompted the subject title was further down in the interview, the scientist mentions they are building a fast breeder reactor at that site. Just think about more nuclear material to be either used as reactor fuel or diverted into making nuclear weapons. Considering India is part of the nuclear club and Pakistan is to, and they both clash over Kashmir yes it is somewhat chicken little since the djinn is way out of the bottle due to the Soviets giving the technology away and Khan helping anyone who asked; but it is something that makes me twitch.

Anyway read and discuss. Let me know what you think.

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