Sunday, December 05, 2004

A quote for the times

Back in 1989 a limited Japanese animation series of four episodes showed up. It's name? In English it was translated as Dominion Tank Police. It sprung from the fertile mind of a reclusive gentleman named Masamune Shirow and was wildy adopted by the animation studio and its writers.

In the near future, the citizens of Earth live under a giant bacterial cloud of pollution. Crime is still ongoing, in fact it has exploded. So one city, Newport City, to placate the irate citizens creates a special unit called, what else, the Tank Police.

Natually they are a crude weapon to battle the ills of society. But like all police they strive mightily to uphold law and order without blowing up too much property or running too many people over.

The police chief is on the videophone with the Mayor. He is begging for more firepower to combat crime. She takes him to task for the all the butchery those Tank Police are doing. He tells her it was a bad law. She splutters about him using it. He tells her they need continued support to be effective. Even if he can't up their firepower, to which the mayor incredulously asks what would he like to arm the police with? He says atomic bombs. The mayor really starts spluttering and the Chief admits it wont deter all crime but he needs more firepower. Now the mayor screams about all the taxpayers that are being killed by the Tank Police. Finally the Chief just loses it and screams a true money quote at the mayor.

We can't protect the sensitivities of a few while everyone else is getting their asses shot off!!!!!!!

I think that one quote sums up the crossroads Western Civilization finds itself. We can not allow our way of life to be killed by barbarians just because a few take the extremists view that their personal selfish rights trump the rights of the society that they live in. Only a fool would do such.

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