Sunday, December 05, 2004

My mind boggles

Oliver Stone plans to explore the possibility of an affair between former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan in his next movie. Stone has apparently always been enamored of Baroness Thatcher, now 79, and wants to cast Meryl Streep (above) in the role in an upcoming biopic, reports the London Sun. An insider told the paper Stone decided to turn his lens on a famous woman after his string of movies about famous men, including Richard Nixon, JFK, Jim Morrison and Fidel Castro. His latest, "Alexander," has been panned by critics and is doing poorly at the box office.

Source: http://www.nypost.com/gossip/pagesix_u.htm
Found via RightNation.

All I have to say is: Dear Oliver, keep digging that hole. Pretty soon we won't have to look at you anymore. PS: Take Michael Moore with you.

As for what the Gipper might say: "Well, there you go again."

While Lady Thatcher, aka 'the Iron Lady,' is probably talking to her solicitor and phoning Queen Elizabeth II to inquire if there is room at the Tower of London for Oliver Stone.

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