Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gun Show

This was an interesting item to be seen today at the Jackson, MS gun show.  A Rossi lever action.  Box was labeled that it was to be sold as a handgun.  And sticker on the side said .357.  Price tag was just under $600.

I really do not see the point of a bling gold digi-cam upper and lower on an AR-15 that is already tricked out to the max.  Prices for 5.56/.223 AR-15s ranged from about $1,200 to over $2,800.  I saw a lot of 30rd and even the Beta 100rd magazines being sold for good prices.  Some had taken to tie-strapping display magazines down.  Saw one 40rd AK-47 mag listed at $55.

Don't want to own an EBR?  How does bright pink grab you?  As you can see one dealer had a fine selection on hand.  All they were missing was some Hello Kitty stickers.

Ammunition prices continued to be crazy for all calibers.
One seller had 1,000rds of Lake City 62gr 5.56mm loose in a plastic bag for $950.  Another place was selling 140rds of 5.56mm in stripper clips for $140.  Did find one seller with an unopened box of Winchester 55gr .223 1000rds.  When I asked how much, the snotty kid quoted a price just under $27 for a box of 20 or roughly $1,350 for the whole box.  Yikes!

9mm was not much better.  Remington or Winchester 9mm was about $27 for a box of 50.  Same place that had the $1.350 box of .223 had some really off brands and the likes of Federal.  Depending upon grain and quantity, price per round fluctuated between 44 cents/round to 54 cents/round.

The only relatively cheap thing for sale at the gun show was the little girl selling Girl Scout cookies for her troop.  And they still cost $3.50/box.


Larry said...

Looks like Zoe's mares leg from Firefly in the top pic.

EC said...

Dollar a round or more for 223 ammo is stupid crazy. I'll wait until it comes back down to 30 cents or less to buy any more.

Anna said...

It does look like Zoe's gun but fires real bullets.

EC. This is perhaps the new 'normal' which is scary. Who needs gold, ammo is the new currency.

Anonymous said...

Haha EC and you will never buy ammo again. Happy pointing!!

Merovign, Dark Lord of the Sith said...

The Mare's Leg (reference to a Steve McQueen gun in a Western film) was an SBR (restricted, special tax stamp) for a long time, until someone figured out that if you made it *light* enough, you could sell it as a handgun. Bingo!