Monday, January 28, 2013

A Dreadful Horseman

It should come as no surprise to anyone that one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse has been loose in North Korea.  Well at this point I think even Famine should be retching his guts out on the ground.  The starving, oppressed, enslaved people of North Korea have been reduced to cannibals.  To find sustenance they have resorted to eating their children.  Yep even eating the corpses of their children.

Now I have a question all you world leaders and beautiful people who are always screaming about some calamity across the globe.  What are you going to do with North Korea?

Actually that is a rhetorical question.  They will do nothing because to do something truly constructive requires real effort. 

For the world leaders, they would have to admit how badly they have fumbled North Korea all these years.  For Beijing to allow its useful toy to be deposed.  Jimmy Carter to admit fault.  Madeline Albright to take her basketball and go home.  Things that will never happen because that would mean admitting they are not perfect.

For the pretty people its even worse.  To work on something besides keeping fit, eating their organically grown vegan overpriced food, wearing fabulous clothes, ride in limos, and go on talk shows.  Something selfless instead of selfish.

What a horrible brutish world exists in North Korea.  And the ones who clamor for Syrian intervention won't say the same thing about North Korea.  Pox upon them and their works.

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Anonymous said...

They will do nothing because they are cowards. Even if our guy wasn't a craven bastard we have our hands full with GWOT.