Friday, October 26, 2012


The more I learn of the failings by the Obama administration over Benghazi, the more enraged I become.

The tactical usefulness of a live video feed over the compound would have been worth that drone's weight in gold.  The rescue squad could have been directed in real time as to where the bad guys where and even possibly where the mortars were so they could be neutralized.

For the rescue squad to be told to stand down and for them to disobey those orders. That is far far worse.  It signals this administration is willing to write people off and not even try.  The bad optics for this administration would have been a failed rescue mission it seems.  This shows how out of touch these people are with normal people.  The American public would have forgiven a quick rescue attempt even if it failed because it would have shown this administration was willing to risk all to safeguard American lives.

Instead we have gotten weeks of lies.  Senior administration officials lying to grieving families.  Obama and his people have told deliberate lies on the world stage including the UN.  And as a result another man has been deprived his freedom, the producer of a video which has now been shown not to have ignited this deadly ambush.  He still sits in a jail cell and even if he is released there is a good chance someone will try to murder him and his family for that video.

Obama and all of his malicious toadies need to be swept out of office.


Anti Money Laundering said...

Politics will always be politics.

Anna said...

What kind of non answer is that? American citizens have been murdered and the President of the United States seems to have let it happen before jetting off to Vegas. Peddle your BS somewhere else.

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