Sunday, June 03, 2012

Science Fiction

Governor Luis Raoul Panablanco sat at his desk in the governor's mansion, the flags of Texas and the North American Union at his back to frame the picture, the Great Seal of the State of Texas above his head on the wall behind him.
At nine minutes, thirty-two seconds into his scheduled half-hour speech, he was saying:
"... as the proof that God is on my side is that on the very morning that I banished the Alamo mutineers into orbit, a sunspot appeared! The first sunspot in more than three years appeared in my hour of need! God has stretched out his hand to me!"

At eight minutes, fifty-five seconds into its scheduled flight, a cruise missile, stolen from the NAU Air Force, whistled down the street, bobbed over the fence surrounding the governor's mansion, rolled to miss a large oak tree, and crashed through the window and drawn drapes of the governor's office at 650 klicks per hour to explode a metric ton of high explosives where the governor's desk would have stood if it hadn't been moved to the other side of the room to accommodate the television crews.

In the event, the fact that the governor had moved his desk did him no more good than the fact he was wearing the best bulletproof vest on the market. The place of honor at his funeral was occupied by a hamburger patty of governor, bodyguards, and television crew.
  pg 24-25. The Revolution from Rosinante. Alexis A. Gilliland. Del Rey. 1981

Meanwhile President Obama and his administration are going forward with drones over US air space.  For example the EPA is using drones to spy on livestock in states like Nebraska.

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