Friday, June 01, 2012

News for Friday

Egypt is progressing to a regressive state with all alacrity - American tourists taken hostage and then released.

Google's seven year battle with authors who want their royalties has taken another step to somewhere.  While having a corporate motto of 'Don't Be Evil' it seems Google is using the old lobbyist ways to influence the federal government to see things it's way.  

Meanwhile Amazon keeps going digital and redefining the concepts of bookstores and business models.

The Obama administration and its water-carriers better gird their ideological loins as Catholics and their organizations take their objections to the next level.  Get ready for June 14th.  It might be the thing to toss OWS onto the rubbish heap of failed socialist plans.

Special bath salts have entered the common lexicon after a man had to be killed by police in Miami as he tried to chew another man's face off.  It seems to be a serious problem where sedation does not work and no one is sure if people will be normal after taking a dose.

On the space front, there was a bit of good news.  The SpaceX Dragon capsule performed a flawless mission to the ISS and splashdown.  Bravo Zulu people, may you keep doing it.

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