Friday, June 22, 2012

False Prophets

Was watching a bit of Fox News last night and was well gobsmacked by an commercial with this woman who called herself a 'Cultural Catholic.'  What?

Then she proceeded to try the classic Democrat strategy of scare the voter.  Claiming it was the Catholic Bishops who sought to take away their religions freedom.  Really?

First off what is a 'Cultural Catholic?'  Is that someone like Nancy Pelosi who fully supports killing the unborn in direct opposition to the tenants of the faith she claims to follow?  You know what, I have far more respect for the people who walk away from the Catholic Church.  They are standing up and saying aloud I can no longer abide what is going on.  They have guts, the strength of their convictions unlike 'Cultural Catholics' who try to dress up in the robes of faith while committing evil.

Second, who is trying to destroy religious freedom?  Obamacare is.  The limitations being imposed upon Catholic institutions are so strict that to comply, it would force the charity to ask the person in need if they are Catholic.  If the person says no, the charity must turn that person away least they lose their tax-exempt status.  This is why the Catholic charities are suing over Kathleen Sebilus' insurance mandate for contraception.

So once again I come to a painful conclusion.  Democrats can only advance their malignant causes if they lie and twist words.  When examined with logic and rationality, their farrago of lies falls apart.

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