Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Do You Stand For?

The above video is powerful and its message is not just about Catholics and President Obama's health care package; a package that has granted waivers to two whole states and exempted the Amish and Muslims from even complying because neither faith has a fundamental objection to the concept of insurance.  So right there this is an un-Constitutional law since it is implicitly denying equal protection.

Then it gets far worse.  This whole package of rules and regulations endangers all vestiges of the separation of church and state.  In fact this back door in the dark of the night party line passed legislation is going to erases that boundary.  It grants to the federal State the totalitarian power of being the final arbiter of what should be or should not be taught by any faith or creed.  This is why Catholics, Christians, and Jews are all standing up and saying no, it makes them subservient to the secular State.

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