Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Democrats Go Birther

On Mitt Romney's father George.  This is just insane but it fits their little narrow narrative I guess.  How could George become President if was born in another country?  That is what they are asking.
The biggest problem with this attempt at misdirection is the central character in each controversy.  George Romney was born in Mexico but his son Mitt was born on US soil in Detroit.  With Obama, its his actual birthplace that there is a cloud of mystery since recent revelations show author bios were claiming he was born in Kenya as late as 2007.
As for the real reason why George Romney's aspirations to become President was thwarted, one has to do a little digging and to be an honest historian.  George Romney was shaping up to be a serious contender to Richard Nixon until he shot himself in the foot politically.  On Sept. 4, 1967 in an interview George Romney said he had been "brainwashed" by US generals in South Vietnam in 1965 to support that war.  He never recovered after that as citizens rightly worried about electing as President a guy who has admitted he was brainwashed.  Too bad in 2004 more voters did not do a similar thing when John Kerry claimed George Bush lied and basically out-smarted him on Iraq.

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