Monday, February 27, 2012

Pesky Oil

The President now thinks releasing some oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is just the ticket to solve the current high gas prices.  The man assumes everyone, except him, is a gullible fool.  Which makes him a con-man of the lowest sort.

Here is a suggestion for our sitting on his hands President.

Open the local oil/gas tap.  Drill.  What will this action do?

  1. First it will create thousands of jobs.  Jobs that pay taxes. 
  2. It will also boost corporate revenues so they will pay more taxes.
  3. It will turn the United States into a global exporter of oil.  More tax revenue.
  4. It will increase the amount of slack in the global oil market, so will drive down the price of oil.
  5. It would give this country a tool to help allies.  It would buffer countries like Britain and France from being held hostage to the likes of Libya or Iran.
  6. It will also reduce the outflow of American capital to oil producing countries that have horrible human rights records.  For example Venezuela.

I hope this polite suggestion helps the President of the United States understand all the positive benefits for increased oil exploration and production.


AndyJ said...

Ah, Anna, Your reasoning is beyond reproach, however, a person needs at least some modicum of cerebral material to grasp that fact. Unfortunately, our esteemed president seems to have a cranium full of algae, or to put it a little more simply.......pond scum.

Anna said...

LOL AndyJ methinks thou hast been proven true by history.