Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two Tales of Cuba

Poor Elian Gonzalez, whom many Americans had last seen being carried off in the arms of an armed US agent dressed in black at the age of six, on December 6th turned 18 years old. He is still in Cuba and still a supporter of the government that caused the death of his mother. One of his first acts as an adult was to act again as a propaganda parrot for the Castro brothers repressive tyranny and to again stick it to the United States.

He called convicted spy Rene Gonzalez in the United States. Who is this Rene Gonzalez? He was one of five Cubans convicted for spying for the communist government of Cuba. How he and his compatriots got convicted is another tale of brutality perpetrated by Cuba. Rene's acts of espionage are connected to the murder of four people. Three US citizens and a permanent US resident - Armando Alejandre, Jr., Carlos Costa, Mario de la Pena, and Pablo Morales were shot down over the Florida Strait in international waters by two Cuban air force MiG-21 fighters. The crime of these four people were to go out in small airplanes and search for refugees fleeing Cuba. They would drop supplies and pamphlets. For these acts of humanity, they were executed.

The sick irony of the Cuban government in having Elian call Rene staggers my mind. Elian at the age of six was one of fourteen trying to flee across the Florida Strait from Cuba. Brothers to the Rescue, to whom these four men belonged, are dedicated to helping save such people from death or worse a return to Cuba. And now Elian has called a man who helped murder good Samaritans.

I earnestly pray that Cuba is swiftly freed from tyranny. That Elian can escape his cage and become a normal person along with the other inmates of the prison called Cuba. That the Cuban exiles in the US can finally see a vibrant Cuba emerge again from the destruction the Castro brothers and communism have visited upon their beautiful island home.

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