Thursday, December 15, 2011

Siege of Wukan Pt 2

Hat-tip to Karagush for this. And thanks again to the UK Telegraph for carrying this story.

The spin of the Chinese Communist Party is coming into play on how they will supress the discontent that is happening in the town of Wukan. The spin totally ignores the corruption of the local party officials who sold land to developers and skimmed some of the proceeds.

Instead the PRC is portraying their actions at battling the lies of troublemakers. They specifically name two individuals - a Mr. Lin and a Mr. Yang as the sources of trouble. Meanwhile Mr. Xue is still dead after being taken into custody.

If that farrago of untruth does not work, well the PRC has another excuse to allow them respond viciously to this peaceful protest. They say they are concerned for the safety of 60 hotel guests in Wukan. They obviously were not so concerned about the safety and well-being of Mr. Xue whom they snatched off the streets.

The cordon seems to be not as tight as the PRC wants as food is being smuggled in. Along with journalists. That might be the only ray of hope for the people of Wukan. The cameras and computers of those journalists keeping an eye on government forces so they do not misbehave. But with Tianamen all the PRC did was wait for night to fall and sweep up the protestors in the dark so they will probably follow the same tactic when they move on Wukan.

So citizens of the world, especially those who were proud of the Western powers saving the people of Libya, it is truly time to contact our governments and demand the same protection or threat of the same protection be extended to the people of Wukan. To do otherwise after Libya would be to show the true hollowness of that commitment. And reinforce in the minds of all who intend harm against the West how weak we are.


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