Saturday, October 08, 2011

Weird Crime News

Usually people breaking into houses or barns are not the sort of human being to hold to a modicum of esteem. But in this case I might make an exception, if the burglars in question decide to go straight and never rob again.

Two robbers, one underage, broke into a barn. They stole 50 CDs in their heist thinking they were blank. Now a 50 pack can be bought from Wal-Mart for $19 plus tax. If this was all they stole they are not too terribly smart.

Here is where the story gets weird, they tried to burn music onto their ill-gotten CDs and found they could not. So showing some smarts, they checked the supposedly blank CDs and found over 30 of them had pornography on them. The thieves were convinced to report this to the police and they did.

Proving the two burglars were indeed somewhat smart, the man who's barn had been broken into had reported a burglary to the police. The police proceeded to seize several computers from the man. He is presently out on a $25,000 bond awaiting trial on possession of child pornography.

The police have decided not to press any charges against the thieves, calling their actions the lesser evil. Unless they were burning to CD-R ill-gotten music, but that might be in a follow-up story. Stay tuned I guess.


nzgarry said...

The good old US of A, where anything can happen!

Anna said...

I agree, just look at the Fast & Furious mess.