Monday, September 05, 2011

Obama Speech Prediction

From 1995 here is my prediction on what President Obama will say on Sept 8, 2011. On top of his previous speeches and promises to get the economy running again that is. After three years of trying and two of those with solid majorities in both houses of Congress; we are still hovering at 9+% unemployment, which leads to one conclusion the Stimulus was a failure that only resulted in greater debt. For the President and his administration to pitch yet another stimulus bill that borrows money from our great-grandchildren would be the height of insanity. But that is what insanity is, trying the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome.

Lets cut to the chase, the Obama administration, when it comes to curing a very sick economy, is an abject failure.


Legion said...

TRUE, true.

Anna said...

That is the sad part. It still is true.

Mutnodjmet said...

You just need to add "Pass the Bill", and you perfectly capture the essence of his speech.

Anna said...

The sad thing is the cartoon is from 1995. and it still sums up the Democrats' game plan. How sad is that? I did not even need to watch the speech to know he would try to scare people and browbeat them into wasting $450billion we do not have on things that have already proven not to help.

Of course there are comparisons to FDR. The game plan is the same but the facts are different. FDR did not have a pre-existing giant deficit before he tried the New Deal and plunged the US into greater recession. Obama and his Democratic allies ignored this while they bitterly clung to Keynsian economics. So expect things to get worse unless all this wasteful spending is rolled back.

The US Constition only said 'promote the general welfare.' It not say to 'provide welfare.'