Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday News

With Hurricane Irene seeming ready to take a swipe at Washington D.C. after the city was rattled by an earthquake, one would think there might be something to all those end time prophecies. People across the Eastern seaboard are preparing for this storm. In many places evacuation orders have been issued. Stay tuned to this developing story.

Meanwhile our competitors on the global stage, the Peoples Republic of China, is squawking most irately over the US Defense Department doing its job. The PRC is taking umbrage at the DoD for doing its job and daring to ask why mainland China is going on such an arms buildup. Though the story in the last paragraph is incorrect since on August 14th Taiwan was informed they would not be sold the 66 new F-16 fighters.

Also overseas, lets look at Libya. The dictator is gone and the rebel government seems to be in control. While the DoD is doing its job in regards to the PRC, it seems the State Department is whistling and hoping a problem will just go away. Namely who really controls in Libya the tons of mustard gas, the 1,300 tons of precursor chemicals, and the remnants of Libya's nuclear bomb program. State Department claims everything is fine, no need for alarm. The US and its allies had military forces in Baghdad and still the Iraqi museum was looted. In Libya there are no NATO forces anywhere, but we are supposed to believe all these known WMDs are safe. I just don't buy it, do you?

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