Tuesday, August 09, 2011

D-Day Japan

August 6 thru August 9 is one of the high holy times in Liberal Theology. All the followers of this faith will walk through their town wearing rough spun clothes whilst barefoot. They are supposed to be intoning in a dirge their remorse for the creation of a great and terrible artifact that should have never been forged they believe. So they will plod along in a swaying double file carrying above them, in a palanquin, an effigy of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. Some followers will be so distraught in their guilt they will rush upon average citizens and fervently promise the shocked people to never let it happen again. Once the worshipers are beyond the town boundaries, the effigy will be tossed into the closest well that represents the Great Abyss of Compassionate Ignorance that they worship.

Of course I am speaking in allegorical terms about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ended World War II and how the liberal intelligentsia who were saved by these bombings view the whole affair. They pat themselves on their back by being compassionate in their desire to save the Japanese from the nuclear djinn.

If we had been as compassionate as the leftists demand and not dropped the atomic bombs, to see this compassion in reality would be far worse than any of the horrors Dante saw whilst traveling through Hell. For example.

Gen. Curtis LeMay’s B-29s would continue to firebomb square miles of land killing thousands and burning thousands more. The April fire bombing of Tokyo by B-29s killed more people than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

Thousands of Allied POWs in Japan would be murdered when the invasion happened, in compliance with Japanese military orders.

Japanese women, many in drab war factory attire, killing themselves before the American devils rape and kill them. They were taught this by their government and shocked American servicemen saw this at Saipan when women, some clutching children, jumped off a cliff.

Japanese children would be rushing Allied lines with wooden spears while shouting how glorious it is to die for the Emperor.

The thousands of suicide boats floating in the river that meanders through Hiroshima and other estuaries would have been used against the invasion.

Thousands of carefully hoarded planes would be used as kamikazes against the invading fleet, dwarfing what the US Navy endured invading Okinawa.

By D-Day Japan in 1946 there is the chance Japan would have built hundreds of Kikka jet fighters, jets patterned after the ME-262. The prototype Kikka had flown by the time of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To oppose such fighters, P-80s would have to fly from Chinese bases. US Navy F8F Bearcats and F2G Super Corsairs would have to struggle as the Ryan FR-1 Fireball proved a flop.

To delay would have endangered the B-29s and their crews because Japan was also developing their copy of the ME-163 Komet rocket fighter.

If the above is how leftists define compassion, I prefer to be lumped with Harry Truman and Paul Tibbets. They sought to shorten the war and reduce the suffering.


Legion said...

Don't bother with the facts to the libtards- they have already made up their tiny minds. My pop would have been in the invasion army instead of the occupation army of Japan. I probably would never have been born as he would have been killed. I thank the bombs every day! Although they say the Jap Generals did not care much of the bombs- the combination of Russia invading Manchuria also helped tilt the decision to quit.

Anna said...

The audience I was aiming at was the ones who have not been swayed by the group-think that says millions of dead are preferable to the 'horrors' of two airburst atomic weapons. Which is my I modified and expanded upon a Monty Python scene in the first paragraph to mock the liberals.

History shows that Japanese generals did try to prevent the Emperor, the divine ruler they were telling the average citizen and soldier to die for, from broadcasting his speech about enduring the unednurable. Which further undercuts the delusional argument of the liberals that Japan would have surrendered without the dropping of the atomic weapons.