Friday, August 12, 2011

Both Feet In Mouth

That is all I can say about this story. I have been against any photos being released of fallen military service members. I did not think Sec. of Defense Gates surrender to the Obama administration on the issue was a good call. This is all background to the latest gaffe of the Obama administration.

The thirty warriors recently killed in Afghanistan when their CH-47D Chinook was shot down by the Taliban were flown into Dover AFB like their fallen compatriots before them. Since many of the families of the killed, 19, did not want any photographs taken of this solemn procession, photographers were banned. Which meant the Associated Press was not there. Nor did Sec. of Defense Panetta bring his official photographer.

Yet strangely, President Obama brought along his photographer to Dover AFB. So when the White House released a photo of President Obama at Dover saluting, everyone from AP to the DoD were caught unawares. AP refused to distribute the photo since their photographers were not allowed.

I have one thing to say to President Obama, do you have any sense of decorum and decency? As the he runs off to Martha's Vineyard for yet another vacation, I have to conclude he does not.


Legion said...

Correct - no decorum or decency. Stinky b.o. must go!

Anna said...

I agree. Nov 2012 lets cancel the Obama Road Show.