Thursday, July 21, 2011

No More A'Roving

She glided out of the styngian darkness this morning. A pale wraith wrapped in the intangible caress of lights. Her arrival was announced by twin messengers, thundering booms of sound that told the thousands of faithful she was coming. And then she was there for all to see. She wafted down to the long welcoming carpet silently. And as people held their breaths to savor the moment. It was also the final barrier that quiet between the dream they all held and the reality there would be no more such events for them to attend.

Farewell Atlantis.


Guy in Ohio said...

What a tragedy. I only hope that our next President will have the vision and love for American excellence that past Presidents did, and restore funding to NASA.

Anna said...

Guy, I hope so too. Perhaps the capability can be rebuilt quickly. NASA needs its mission refocused with a master plan. A plan that works with private companies to stay in low Earth orbit but reaching the Moon. And on the Moon to exploit its resources to help Earth plus spread further out into space so one calamity wtih Earth does not wipe out the whole human race.

nzgarry said...

That is good writing Anna, poignant and sad, as is the event.

Anna said...

Thanks NZGarry. It is a truly sad time. It seems no one wants to look up anymore and wonder what its like out there. Even as they watch escapist movies set in space.