Monday, July 04, 2011

July 4th History

July 4, 1801. Thomas Jefferson became the first President to celebrate the day at the Presidential mansion.

July 4, 1817. James Madison closed the Presidential Mansion and went on a tour of the northeast to include Boston, MA.

July 4, 1848. Wisconsin joins the Union and the 30th star added to the US flag.

July 4, 1848. The cornerstone for the Washington Monument is laid.

July 4, 1851. Daniel Webster gave his fourth 4th of July oration. This marked Webster's final 4th of July speech.

July 4, 1901. Philippines, that the US acquired after the Spanish-American War, were transferred from military to civilian administration.

July 4, 1946. Full independence is granted to the Philippines by the United States.

Just some of the things that have happend on the Fourth of July. May we continue to enjoy the rights and responsibilities that our Founding Fathers considered inalienable. And may we continue to defend those rights, just like all the people in the military are doing now far overseas.

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